Warm Colors 90 Coe Fusible Glass Bits & Pieces

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Sample a variety of colors with this money-saving variety pack!

Includes 2 ounces Variety Colors

90 COE Glass

Made in the USA


Great variety color assortment! Includes a random assortment of red, yellow and orange transparent and opaque solid and streaky glass bits and pieces in varying hues. Use together or layer with other glass to create varying hues, tones and saturation. This 90 COE fusing glass is designed for use in the Fuseworks Kiln. TO USE: Remove the lid from kiln and layer glass on kiln paper inside kiln. Contains 2 ounces. Made in the USA.


Package Dimensions: 1.875 in x 6 in
Weight: 2.5 ounces
UPC: 79436639932-7


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