“cool Brew” Beer Glass


Generation G2

Materials Needed


“Cool Brew” Beer Glass
A Generation Green Recycling Project

PROJECT TITLE: “Cool Brew” Beer Glass
Won’t Dad be surprised when he sees what the Easter Bunny left him this year! Create this basket featuring his favorite brews along with an eco-friendly beer glass made entirely from a recycled glass bottle.

DESIGNED BY: Andy Spencer
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 2
PROJECT TIP: · Always, wear safety goggles when using glass-crafting tools. Everyday eyeglasses have only impact resistant lenses. · To ensure top performance keep your bottle cutter blade oiled.
Generation Green (g2 )
1 Beer Bottle – 0.355 liter
Two Part Epoxy

Read and carefully following the instructions contained within the Generation Green (g2 ) bottle cutter manual.

1. Cover the work area with craft or newspaper.

2. Measure 0.75” up from the bottom of the bottle and mark with a Sharpie.

3. Using the bottle cutter, score and separate where indicated. The bottom of the bottle will become the base/foot of the beer glass and the top of the bottle, when turned upside-down will become the beverage holding part of the beer glass.

4. Mask off around all cut edges of the glass leaving approximately 1/8” between the cut end and the edge of the tape. This will prevent unnecessary scratching of the glass surface during the smoothing process. Smooth the rough edges as instructed in the bottle cutter manual. Remove tape after smoothing and rinse and dry glass pieces.

5. Following manufacturer’s instructions, apply a bead of two part epoxy around the lip of the neck. Place it, lip down into the center of the base. Hold until epoxy is set. 6. Once the epoxy has dried completely. Clean your new beer glass and tuck it, along with a few favorite brews into a decorative basket. Makes a great house warming gift too!


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