Wine Bottle Luminary Free G2 Bottle Cutter Project Guide


Free Bottle Cutting Project Guide

Generation Green (g2) Bottle Cutter

Materials Needed


Clear Glass Wine Bottle
Krylon Frosted Glass paint
1 Bottle Art Kit - Luminary
Generation Green (G2) Bottle Cutter
Basic Supplies
Rubberbands of different widths
Desired Embellisments

→project Tips
Always, wear safety goggles when using glass-crafting tools. Everyday eyeglasses have only impact resistant lenses.

To ensure top performance keep your bottle cutter blade oiled.
Read and carefully follow the instructions contained within the Generation Green (g2) bottle cutter manual.
1. Cover the work area with craft or newspaper.
2. Measure 4.75” up from the bottom of each wine bottle and mark with a Sharpie.
3. Using the bottle cutter, score and separate where indicated.
4. Smooth the rough edges as instructed in the bottle cutter manual.
5. Stretch and apply assorted sized rubber bands around the surface of the bottle at different angles. Overlap varying sized rubber bands to create interesting designs. It is important to make sure that your rubber bands do not twist; laying flat creates better lines.
6. Following the instructions on the Krylon Frosted paint container, spray the surface with paint. To prevent the paint from running, apply many thin paint coats.
7. Allow paint to dry.
8. Finish luminary by following the instructions on the Bottle Art Luminary Kit. Insert luminary fixture into the bottle and hang. Embellish luminary with assorted ribbons, beads or rhinestones. Featured luminary is sporting a chandelier crystal recycled from a broken chandelier. 


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