• 61986 90 COE Fusible Glass Transparent Red 6” Square Sheet
  • 61396 90 COE Fusible Glass Transparent Bright Green 6" Square Sheet
  • 61606 90 COE Fusible Glass Clear 6" Square Sheet
  • 61046 90 COE Fusible Glass Opalescent White 6" Square Sheet
  • FW878 Fuseworks Image Art
  • 653 Studio Pro Pistol Grip Glass Cutter
  • FW847A Kiln Paper
  • FW849 Microwave Kiln


  • Permanent marker
  • Fusing glue or Elmer’s glue
  • Small container
  • Water
  • Laser jet printer
  • MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Cartridge
  • Paper towel
  • 692 Heat Resistant Work Surface
  • Heat resistant hot mitts
  • E6000 Glue
  • Your choice of pin backs with closure



  1. Cut out template provided to you. Trace shape to glass with a sharpie marker. Make sure to follow instructions on template and you trace the correct shape to the correct glass color. DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS
  2. Using your glass cutter, proceed to score glass tracing the sharpie marker shape you copied from template. Make sure you score inside line and not outside line. If you trace outside the line your project will turn out bigger than intended.
  3. Proceed to break score lines from glass using running pliers. Place the glass between the jaws of the running pliers, centering the jaws over the score line. The bottom jaw should be curved upward. Squeeze the handles to break the score line.
  4. If need be, use a grinder to grind down sharp edges and unevenness.

Image Transfer Paper-

  1. Make sure you have a laser ink printer and MICR ink cartridge. Please follow instructions on Fuseworks Image Paper properly.
  2. Set document dimensions to 8.50” x 5.50” (landscape orientation) using any software which allows you to print images.
  3. Adjust image of emblem to the following size as instructed on template page. You can duplicate multiples on the same page to not waste paper.
  4. Warm up printer by running 5-6 plain sheets of paper through it.
  5. After printing allow paper to set for 10-15 min before using.
  6. Trim the desired transfer to size using regular scissors.
  7. Place transfer in a small bowl or container with water and wait 20 seconds.
  8. Slide the transfer off backing and directly onto WHITE glass. Blot any excess water with paper towel.
  9. Allow them to dry overnight.

Fuse Glass-

  1. Center the glass pieces on kiln paper with the transfer facing up. Follow assembly from template page. Use fusing glue or a tiny dot of Elmer’s glue to keep pieces together.
  2. Place microwave kiln inside microwave and cover with kiln lid. Heat decal using the chart below.DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS


  1. When heating is complete, open microwave and use hot mitts to carefully lift lid enough to inspect the glass. The glass should be glowing yellow/ orange to ensure a full fuse of the transfer. Should you need additional time, do so in 15 second intervals.
  2. Remove kiln from microwave and place on heat resistant surface. Allow to cool with lid on for 30min.

CAUTION: Removing the lid during the cooling process may result in cracked glass.


  1. Clean up piece with soapy water.
  2. Using E6000 glue, glue on your choice of pin back. Let it dry for 30min. You can more than one pin back to prevent finished pin from moving and turning upside down.

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