Electric Yellow Pendant
BY Jeanne Baruth
SKILL LEVEL: 4 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)
TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 1/2 hours

• Wear safety glasses when using glass-crafting tools.
• Always read and follow kiln safety rules and warnings.

• 1 pc Fuseworks Black (B) Sheet Glass
• 1 pc Fuseworks Yellow (Y) Sheet Glass
• 1 pc Fuseworks Clear Dichroic (D) Sheet Glass
• Fuseworks Kiln Paper
• Fuseworks Microwave Kiln
• Fuseworks Glass Cutter
• Fuseworks Large Pendant Bail
• E6000or other glass glue 

1. Measure and mark the following glass sheets:
 • Black sheet glass - 1 3/8” X 1 3/8” square
 • Yellow sheet glass - 1 ¼” X 1 ¼” square and Two ½” X ½” square
 • Clear dichroic – four 1 ¼” X ¼” (which will be arranged in a tic tac toe pattern)
2. Using a glass cutter, cut glass to designated sizes as indicated above.
3. Next, cut a 2” X 2” piece of kiln paper. Remove the lid from the Fuseworks Kiln. Place the kiln paper on the kiln base.
4. Layer the glass on the kiln paper (FIG. 1). Start with the base, 1 3/8” X 1 3/8” black square (B). Next place the 1 ¼” X 1 ¼” yellow square (Y) on top of the base glass. Next, create a tic tac toe design on top of the yellow glass by placing two clear dichroic (D) strip parallel to one another lengthwise, then top them by placing two more dichroic strips widthwise. Finish by placing two yellow (Y) squares in the upper left and lower right of the design.
5. Carefully set the base with glass inside the microwave. Cover base and glass with kiln lid.
6. Fuse* using the chart below. PLEASE NOTE: All microwave and kiln combinations will have different firing patterns. Be sure to take careful notes and log all fusing times for future use.
7. After the first time interval, open microwave and, using Hot Mitts, carefully lift the lid enough to inspect the fusing process. Add additional time in 30-second increments until desired results are achieved. Remove kiln from microwave using the Hot Mitts and place on a heat-resistant surface. Cool the kiln on a fire safe surface for at least 30 minutes with the lid on. Removing the lid or peeking under the lid during the cooling will result in your piece cracking. Glass remains hot for a long time and should be handled with great caution.  
8. When cool, adhere a large gold bail to the back of the pendant using a glass adhesive such as E6000. Allow to dry according to glue manufacturer direction. Slip pendant onto your favorite chain and enjoy.

                                                            1200 watt Microwave
                                                POWER                               TIME
                                                   60%                               3 minutes 30 seconds
                                                   70%                                1 minute 30 seconds
                                                 100%                                30 seconds


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