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Fused Glass Napkin Rings

Created by Nelly Arteaga for Diamond Tech Crafts


  • FW999 Fuseworks Craft Kiln
  • FW846 Fuseworks Hot Mitts 1 pair
  • 601 3/8" Breaker / Grozer Pliers
  • 600 Studio Pro 1" Running Pliers
  • 653 Studio Pro Pistol Grip Glass Cutter
  • 31183 90 COE Fusible Glass Transparent Blue 3” Square Sheet
  • 31983 90 COE Fusible Glass Transparent Red 3” Square Sheet
  • 31603 90 COE Fusible Glass Transparent Clear 3” Square Sheet
  • 31043 90 COE Fusible Glass White 3” Square Sheet
  • Plain Napkin Rings
  • Sharpie marker
  • Fusing adhesive
  • Kiln paper
  • Napkin Rings
  • Strong Glue Like E6000
  • Optional: White Frit

Project Tip:

  • Keep your work area clean of glass pieces. Keep a handheld vacuum or broom brush handy to clear area of glass shards.
  • Always wear your heat resistant Mitts when handling the Fuseworks Craft Kiln.
  • Adult Supervision is required. NEVER LEAVE KILN UNATTENDED.
  • Glass may be sharp – please use caution while handling.
  • Wear your safety goggles and latex gloves when handling glass.


  1. Print template provided to you and cut out shapes
  2. With a black sharpie marker trace template shape to the designated glass color.
  3. With a glass cutter, score the glass tracing with a sharpie mark.
  4. Use Running and Grozer pliers to separate glass.
  5. Remove permanent marker with acetone and paper towels. Also works great to clean glass before firing. Set aside to dry.
  6. Assemble all glass and layers together. Use fusing adhesive or a combination of Elmer’s glue and water. Clear glass layer on bottom and the half blue, and half red glass on top.
  7. To create the white stripes, cut out and trim ¼ inch strips of white glass and trim to size. For the white dots, you can either use white frit our small white glass chunks. Glue down and let dry.
  8. Place kiln paper onto base of kiln (8in round).
  9. Place hearts in kiln giving enough space in between each piece. Close lid and turn dial on the Fuseworks Craft Kiln to 12mins. DO NOT LEAVE KILN UNATTENDED AT THIS TIME.
  10. You may check the progress from time to time to make sure the project is fusing to your liking. Please make sure you are wearing your hot mitts and protective eye wear when doing this.
  11. If the hearts look complete before time is up, turn the dial back to zero and listen for the ding.
  12. If the 12 minutes are up but your project does not look finished, add an additional 5 mins and check the progress.
  13. Once complete, leave the project in the kiln and let the kiln cool down for at least 1 hour, then place a small wedge to let it cool a little quicker for another hour
  14. When cool to the touch remove hearts from kiln and clean off kiln paper with soapy water.
  15. Use a strong adhesive like E6000 to glue glass heart to napkin ring.
  16. Let the project dry for 24 hours.


Great décor for Independence Day! Customize to any country you come from or simply make into any deign you like.  

Show us your work, we would love to see it. Tag us on social media! We might even share your work of art on our website and social media.

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