Created by Nelly Arteaga 



  • FW924 Warm Colors 90 COE Fusible Glass Sheets
  • FW922 Variety Colors 90 COE Fusible Glass Sheets
  • FW921 The Basics 90 COE Fusible Glass
  • FW999 Fuseworks Craft Kiln
  • FW847A Fuseworks Kiln Paper
  • FW845 Dry Wheel Glass Cutter
  • 600LWFW Lightweight Running Pliers
  • FW853 Large Silver Jewelry Bail
  • Craft Glue or fusing Glue
  • Leather Cording or Chain (18 inches in length)
  • Findings: 6mm jump rings (2) and a Clasp (1)
  • E6000 Glue


1. Pick the fused glass colors you would like to use to make your stacked pendant. The colors we used for the pendant are transparent green, transparent orange, and opaque white.

2. Using your glass cutter, score a rectangle in the glass that is ¾” in height and 1 ¼” in width. Use your running pliers to break the score. You will need to make at least 10 rectangles. The amount per color is up to you. TIP: uneven rectangles are ok. It will add more dimension to the pendant and provide a beautiful abstract look. There is no need to make perfect rectangles.

3. When you are done cutting your rectangles, it is time to glue them together. Gluing your pieces together to prevent movement during transfer and firing. Only a small dab of glue will. Stack each piece one on top of the other like you’re creating a delicious sandwich. Wait 15min until glue is completely dry.

4. Apply kiln paper to the entire base of the kiln. 8” round is ideal,

5. Place your stacked glass pendant on to kiln laying down flat. Do not leave standing up right. Allow ¾” of space in between each pendant if you are making more than one. You should be able to fit about 6 -8 nice and snug.   

6. Close the lid of the Fuseworks Microwave kiln and turn the dial to 12min. We are aiming for a nice contour fuse. The corners are nice and round, but the glass retains dimension. Tip: Each kiln is different. Some kilns may take 15 min and others may take 10. Make sure to check the process periodically until desired look. If your pieces look complete before the timer is complete, just turn the dial back to zero and let cool.

7. After time is up and the pendant is fused to your liking, let the kiln cool down for two hours on its own. After two hours you can place a wedge in between the lid and the base of the kiln and let it continue to cool for another 30 minutes.

8. Once glass is cool to the touch, remove from kiln and clean with soap and water.

9. Using E6000 glue, glue the bail to the back of the pendant. Wait 15-20 mins for glue to dry.

10. Finish it off with the cording or chain of your choice and end it with a clasp at the end.


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