Decoupage Bank

Materials Needed


Decopage Bank
 Material Checklist
 • 1 KraftyBlok
• 1 16 oz. or smaller bottle of Plaid’s Mod Podge Gloss Luster Water base sealer
• 1” wide foam or latex paint brush
• White copy paper and access to color copier (optional)
• Paper Currency (U.S. or Foreign) in different denominations
• Newspaper or craft paper to protect work surface
• 6” x 10” black foam core for nameplate
• Assorted coins
• Scissors
• Glass cleaner
• Paper towel
• Utility or Exacto knife
• Ruler
• Craft glue  
 Step 1 – Material Preparation
1. Completely read the directions before starting.
2. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect work surface.
3. Collect and place all supplies needed on your work surface.
 Step 2 –Paper Preparation
1. Clean the KraftyBlokTM with a glass cleaner. Dry completely with paper towel.
2. Make color copies of a variety of different bills. Include foreign currency for added interest. Place several bills together on the copier to maximize the number of copies per sheet of paper. You may copy just the front of the bills or both front and back for variety. 3. Cut your copies to actual size of individual bills.
Step 3 – Decoupage “Collage” Process
1. Begin by placing the back of the block flat on the work surface with the opening at the top. Brush a thin coating of Mod Podge to an area on the front of the KratyBlok, slightly larger than a bill you wish to glue. Place the bill at an angled position (for interest) on the block. Brush over the entire surface of the bill with more Mod Podge, pushing out any air bubbles until the bill is smoothly glued in place.
2. Using another bill or special portion of a cut bill, continue to add more currency to the front face of your KraftyBlok as instructed above. As you work to the sides, start wrapping the currency around the edges of the KraftBlok. Overlapping ensures the surface is completely covered.
3. The corners of the Kreator’sBlok may be difficult to wrap. Continue to Mod Podge and place bills so that they cover right up to the corners. Small pieces of bills can be added to cover any exposed areas if needed.
4. Once the entire front face is decoupage, let it dry for 30 minutes before decoupaging the back.
5. Decoupage back and visible sides following steps 1-4 NOTE - You may wish to leave the bottom of the bank clear or create a clear window on one of the sides so you can see how much “real” money is being saved!
6. To decoupage the top, remove the stopper. Continue to add pieces of currency, overlapping the opening if necessary. Once the top has been completed, use a utility or Exacto knife to cut the paper completely around the stopper opening so you have a clean, neat hole for the stopper.
7. Allow to dry 24 hours before adding the name plate and coin embellishments.
Step 4 – Name Plate & Embellishments
1. To personalize your bank, use Word Art, cut-out letters, stencils or even hand draw your special nameplate (“College Fund”, “Fun Money”, “Gas Money”) on a piece of paper approximately 5-6” across and 1 ½” tall. Using a ruler and scissors, cut out this rectangle. Cut a piece of the black foam core board the same size, using a utility or Exacto knife. Glue the nameplate to the foam core and let dry. The foam core adds depth and dimension to the surface.
2. Position your personalized nameplate on the bank front and glue in place. Glue coin embellishments if desired into place. VIOLA, yo


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