Terrariums are a beautiful addition to any home or office décor. A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants. However, not everybody has a green thumb, and this is an easy way to keep plants around without the maintenance.

 GBLOCKS112 KraftyBlok Mini
 3/4 cup of Pebble Rocks
 Faux Succulent Plants
 Wire cutters
 Optional: 679787 Small KraftyBlok Stand

Let’s get started
1. Remove label and clean your KraftyBlok.
2. Remove lid and pour in ¾ cup of pebble rocks.
3. Prepare and select the faux succulent plants you want to use. If stems are too long use wire cutters to trim them shorter.
4. Insert your faux plants in the opening and arrange to your liking.
5. Set onto the KraftyBlok Stand and place on your desk, mantel or bookshelf.


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