Celestial Mosaic Cobblestones Coasters Project Guide


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• Create colorful coasters in no time with Jennifer's Mosaics Indoor Cements, Colorants and Cobblestones!


Project Tips:
• Never dispose of indoor cement down the drain.
• Create coasters one at a time or all together.
• Jennifer’s Mosaics Indoor Cement sets in about an hour.

Materials Checklist:
• 1 Round Coaster Mold (use more than one, to speed the time of the project)
• 1 package Mosaic Dots
• 1 - 2 LB Container Jennifer's Mosaics Indoor Cement
• Black Colorant
• Petroleum jelly
• Latex or nitrile glove
• Paper towels
• Newspaper or kraft paper
• Water
• Disposable cup

1. Cover the work area with newspaper or kraft paper.
2. Arrange Cobblestones to fit the desired pattern. Be sure to space pieces about 1/8" apart from one another.
3. Using a disposable cup, mix 1 teaspoon of black colorant with 2 tablespoons of water. Slowly add colored water mix into 1/4 cup of indoor cement. Adding more water a small amount at a time, until you reach the consistency of pancake batter.
4. Apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the mold. Pour cement into mold and tap to remove air bubbles.
5. Allow to sit for about 15 minute before placing mosaic pieces.
6. Push mosaic pieces into cement until 1/8” deep, be sure to leave 1/8” space between pieces.
7. Allow stone to cure for about an hour before removing form mold, the stone cement will warm as it cures.
8. Follow steps 2-7 to create additional coasters.



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