• Mirror Tile: MIR1.5SQU-10
  • 2oz Adhesive: ADH-2
  • Wheel Glass Cutter: 664
  • Running Pliers: 600
  • Foam craft paper
  • Scissors
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Protective eye wear
  • Pen or pencil
  • Whole Puncher
  • Cardstock paper
  • Printer
  • 2x2 picture
  • Ribbon or hemp cord

First things first:

  • Protect you working surface with newspaper for easy cleanup when cutting glass.
  • You can never be too safe. Make sure to wear protective eye wear to protect your eyes from flying glass. Ouch!

Now let’s begin!


  1. Print snowflake template provided to you. Make sure to print 1 solid snowflake and 1 snowflake with the center hole for picture. The template is to size, there is no need to re-size template.  *Hot Tip: It is best to print the template on heavy cardstock paper. It’s better for tracing and re-use.
  2. Cut out snowflake with scissor and X-Acto knife for those delicate details. Don’t forget to cut out circle.
  3. Trace pattern with a pen or pencil onto foam craft paper.
  4. Cut out traced pattern with scissors and X-Acto knife for those delicate details. Don’t forget to cut out circle.


  1. Trim, cut, and nip mirror tile into small rectangles or squares. If you are doing this project with a younger person, I suggest an adult does this part ahead of time.
  2. Select the snowflake with the cut-out circle and proceed to mosaic by gluing down your trimmed mirror tile pieces. Set aside and let dry for 10min.


  1. Print out a 2x2 image of your choice.
  2. Place image faceup on the center of the solid snowflake, then glue down. Set aside and let dry for 5min

Let’s Finish:

  1. Place glue along the edges of the solid snowflake and around the picture face up.
  2. Take your mosaiced snowflake and lay the backside on top of the solid snowflake with the glue. Make sure to align the pattern and shape. Set aside and let it dry for 15min.
  3. Last thing! Create a hole at the top by using a whole puncher. Select a ribbon or string of your choice and feed the string through the hole at the top and tie a knot at the end.

Now you have a beautiful and sentimental ornament.

Adorn your Christmas tree or give as a gift.


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