Patriotic Mosaic Wreath Project Guide


Mosaic Patriotic Wreath
Create a custom wreath for the holidays or to hang all year round! This project is perfect for mosaic beginners because it requires no nipping. The hardest part is waiting for it to dry!
FloraCraft Foam Wreath, 2”x15¾”x2 13/16”
Diamond Tech Cobblestones: Brights, 2 pkgs; Lights, 2 pkgs.
Diamond Tech Cobblestone Tiles: Brights, 2 pkgs; Lights, 2 pkgs.
Jennifer Mosaics White Grout, 1-2 lb container
Ribbon, 2 yards
StyroGlue or Aleen’s Felt and Foam Tacky Glue
Latex or nitrile gloves
Paper towels
Newspaper or kraft paper
Disposable cup
Smooth cloth
Pencil or pen
*tips: This project uses all of the colors in both varieties and works best when all of the tiles are sorted out in advance. You will use about 50% of the tiles on the flat surfaces and 50% on the curved surfaces. Keep this in mind when sorting tiles; to keep the pattern consistent, you will need to distribute the colors evenly around all sides.
Mosaicing on a curved surface can be tricky. To prevent the wreath from rolling, support either end with a bag of beans or rice or set it into a shallow box.
1. Cover work area with newspaper or kraft paper. Sort all cobblestone colors into piles.
2. Lay wreath flat on work surface. Begin laying out tiles, creating inside border first. Place 4-5 tiles of each color along inside edge of the wreath following a rainbow-like pattern. Adjust tile placement according to the number of total tiles you have per color. The inside edge uses about 80 tiles.
3. Lay out the outside border tiles. Start each color series about 4-5 tiles to left of inside edge. Draw a line from the inner left-most tile directly across to outside edge. Place 4-5 tiles to left of that line and 1-3 tiles to right of the line. Repeat around outside edge with remaining colors, following same pattern as inner edge. The outside edge uses approximately 110 tiles.
4. When border is complete, draw a line connecting each section of color.
5. Following the guide lines, fill in each color section with both irregular shaped Cobblestones and square tiles.
6. When satisfied with design, remove edge pieces 10 tiles at a time. Apply adhesive to the surface and adhere tiles. Once border is complete, repeat with pieces between borders.
7. Allow surface to dry following manufacturer’s instructions.
8. When dry, stand wreath on its end and repeat steps 3-7 on the inside curved surface. Line colors up with edge pieces on the flat surface and follow the same curve. Work in 4-5” sections to prevent tiles from sliding. Let dry for 10 minutes before rotating the wreath and moving onto the next section. To save time, work on outside edge while inside edge is drying.
9. Once dry, repeat steps 3-7 on the other flat side, following the same placement as the inside and outside curves.
10. Mix entire container of grout with a cup of water to achieve peanut butter consistency. Add water a small amount at a time to prevent grout from getting too wet.
11. With a gloved hand, smooth grout over tile to fill in crevices. Remove as much excess grout as you can with your hand.
12. After 10 minutes, use damp sponge or paper towels to remove grout haze. Let set overnight.
13. When dry, buff with a smooth cloth.
14. Fold ribbon in half, wrap looped side around the wreath and pull the ends through. Create a tie or a bow with the excess and hang using a sturdy hook.


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