The Red Nosed Reindeer



Materials Needed


The Red Nosed Reindeer Bead
by Dayton Allen

• Moretti Glass Rods: Transparent Red, Solid Brown, Black and White Rods
• Black and White Stringers
• Bead Press
• Fireworks Tweezer Set
•Fireworks Beginner’s Beadmaking Kit
• fireworks Safety Glasses
• Mandrels coated in bead release
Step 1: The Base
• To form the base bead, heat a brown glass rod until a 1/2” ball of molten glass forms, apply the glass to the tip of a warmed mandrel (this bead will not have the mandrel going completely through it). Once the rounded molten glass has formed on the mandrel, take the tweezers and pinch the end of the molten glass to create the muzzle of the reindeer.
Step 2: The ears
• Using the brown rod as before, heat and apply two small drops atop the head of the reindeer, then take your tweezers to pinch or flatten the glass to form the flaps of the ears.
Step 3: The Base of the Eyes
• Now it’s time to add the base (or lashes) for the eyes. Heat up a black rod and melt a small drop onto both the right and left side of the bead blending the black circles into the brown to form the base of the eye. Note: It is important to keep the entire bead hot as you work, but not to the point where you will lose its form.
Step 4: Adding The White To eyes and Ears
• Now heat up a white glass rod (a white stringer can be used when working in smaller detail). Gently drop a small amount onto each ear. Heat until blended into the brown. Use the tweezers to flatten the flaps of the ears if necessary.
• Once the ears are complete repeat the step to form the whites of the eyes (small amount so that the black will show around the edges of each eye to simulate lashes), and the base of the muzzle.
Step 5: Back to Black
• It is now time to add the pupil of the eye and the antlers. To create the pupil heat up the tip of a black stringer and drop a very small dot onto the white of the eye, melt into the white until flat
• To create the antlers melt a stringer of black glass across the top of the head, centered just below the ears.
Step 6: The Final Touch
• Finish up by adding the final touch, the red nose. To do so melt a drop of transparent red onto the tip of the muzzle, and The Red Nosed Reindeer is ready to lead Santa’s sleigh!


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