Mosaic Tumbled Glass Coasters Project Guide


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Materials Needed


Project Tip:

• Embed shells and other memorabilia from your family vacation along with glass as a great souvenir

Materials Checklist:

• 1 Package Diamond Tech Tumbled Glass
• Jennifer's Mosaics Indoor Cement - 2 Lb Tub
• Jennifer's Mosaics Square Coaster Mold
• Petroleum Jelly
• Paper Towels
• Mixing Bowl and Spoon
• Felt


1. To protect work area, cover with newspaper.
2. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the inside of each coaster mold. This will help the coaster release from the mold.
3. Draw around the perimeter or the mold to create a pattern. Arrange tumbled glass and gems on the pattern, keeping the glass at least 1/8" from the edgw.
4. When satisfied with your design, mix the indoor stone cement according to manufacturer's instructions.
5. Pour the cement into the coaster molds until it is 7/8 full. Tap the mold gently to disperse the cement or use a plastic knife to smooth surface.
6. Transfer the tumbled glass and gems from the pattern to the coordinating position on the coaster, embedding them into the cement.
7. Allow to dry for one hour and release from the mold.
8. Clean off any excess cement from the glass using the edge of a penny or a craft knife.
9. Allow coasters to cure 24-48 hours before using.


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