The Mirror Phantom Project Guide


Created by Nelly Arteaga for Diamond Tech


  • MIR1.5SQU-50 Mirror Tile 1.5 Square (50pcs)
  • MIR3/8SQU-50 Mirror Tile 3/8 Square (50pcs)
  • 491J Wheeled Glass Nippers
  • White Phantom Half Mask
  • Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
  • Protective eye wear
  • Gloves

WARNING! Wear protective eye wear and gloves to protect your self from flying tile nips, sharp edges, and the hot glue gun.


1. Cover the work area with newspaper or Kraft paper.

2. Plug in hot glue gun. Set it aside somewhere safe to let it heat up.

3. Select tile you would like to use. We used two sizes of mirror tiles.

4.  The larger tiles where nipped to strips for around the boarder of the mask. Start gluing and work your way towards the middle.

5. Once you get around the eye, cheek, forehead and nose, it is best to use smaller tile or nip tile to smaller pieces.

5. Try to cover as much space with the tile. Use nippers to shape tile to fit into awkward spaces.

6. Allow mosaic to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.

7. When finished, clean up mask and remove glue strings with a cloth.

8. Wear this mask for your next Halloween costume! Wear a cap and carry a rose to be the spooky Mirror Phantom.

Happy Halloween!

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