Wheeled Glass Nippers

By: Jennifers Mosaics

Item #: 491J

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Quick and simple - just place the glass in between the wheels and squeeze the handle

No glass artist should be without these nippers - use for nipping glass strips, rods, and tiles!

Create a multitude of shapes, just adjust the angle of the nippers to the glass


A Great Time Saver for Nipping Glass
Now even a beginner can create beautiful glass mosaics. Use for easy and fast cutting of sheet glass, smalti, Venetian glass tiles, ceramic tile and small porcelain tiles too!  The cushioned grip and spring-return opening features make even big projects a breeze. A multi-purpose tool - bead makers use this handy tool to quickly nip their rods in to shorter pieces.

Mosaic Tip: Use wheeled nippers to easily cut glass and tiles into various shapes. To create shard-like pieces, hold the wheeled nippers at an angle. Create squares and triangular pieces by holding the nippers straight up and down. If using sheet glass, start with a glass strip, then nip the strip. Play around with the way that you hold the nipper to see the different kinds of shapes you can create. Varying the shape of the glass pieces in your project will not only create interest, but will also allow you to show movement and direction.