Mosaic Hibiscus Frame Free Mosaic Project Guide


Free Mosaic Project Guide

Bring little tropics into your home with this beautiful mosaic hibiscus flower. Stunning stained glass colors makes this frame come to life and compliment any photo!


1 - 10” x 10” Studio Pro Red (#G359) Sheet Glass
1 -10” x 10” Studio Pro Grass Green (#G3233G) Sheet Glass
1 - 12” x 12” Studio Pro Black (#GA412) Sheet Glass
1 Package 3/8” Grass Green Venetian Glass Tiles
Black Grout
16”H x 12”W Picture Frame with Glass
Glass Cutter or Precision 2000 Band Saw
Wheeled Glass Nippers
Running pliers

Basic Supplies
Glue, Plastic bowl, Mixing spoon, Paper towel, Sponge, Rubber gloves
1. To protect work area, cover with newspaper. If the frame is raw wood, prime it by painting all sides and edges with white paint before you begin.
2. Place hibiscus pattern in the upper right corner of the picture frame. Slide a piece of carbon paper underneath pattern and trace over pattern with a ballpoint pen or pencil. If your fame is black, use a white tracing paper so your lines will be easy to see. Remove carbon paper, pattern and reposition them into the lower left corner of the frame and trace pattern.
3. Stained Glass has a grain. The grain runs vertically from top to bottom on each      sheet. It is important to take the time to determine the grain of your glass and mark the direction of the grain by drawing arrows on your glass. The arrows will help you position your pattern pieces so they flow with the grain.
4. Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut the hibiscus pattern apart staying on the inside of the pattern outline.
5 .Clean a sheet of Red (#G359) and Grass Green (#G3233G) stained glass and place it smooth side up on the work surface.
6 .Use a glue stick or spray adhesive and adhere each the leaf pattern pieces to the green glass and the flower pieces to the red glass.
7. With a glass cutter or the Precision 2000 band saw, cut each individual hibiscus pattern piece from the glass.
8. Place individual glass pieces in a bowl of water to soak off pattern.
9 .Glue hibiscus pieces onto the frame glass as indicated by the pattern. Leave 1/8” space between the pieces for grout.
10. Outline the inner edge of the picture frame opening with 3/8” grass green glass tiles.
11. Fill in the remaining surface of the frame with black stained glass. To do so, use either a glass cutter or nipper to cut and nip glass into random shapes and sizes. Fit pieces onto the frame surface fitting them together as you would a jig saw puzzle. Remember to leave 1/8” between the pieces for grout.
12. When pleased with the design, glue the pieces to the frame and allow drying.
13. Once glue has completely dried, it is time to grout your project. To prevent grout from getting on the sides of your frame, use Painter’s tape to mask off around the edges. Next, mix Black grout following manufacturer's directions. Wearing rubber gloves, spread grout onto the glass surface making sure the grout is pressed into all the spaces between the mosaic glass pieces. Wait 15 minutes for grout to set.
14. Remove excess grout from glass. Sponge off any grout on the frame.
15. Buff glass clean and let dry for 24 hours.
16. For the final touch, use black paint and finish the edges around the frame. Allow paint to dry.
17. Insert glass, picture and back panel into the frame and find a sunny spot to show off your new frame.



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