Lil Glass Tweets Project Guide


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• Create these cute lil tweets in your microwave with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln and Fusible Shapes.


• Fuseworks Microwave Kiln
• Fuseworks Hot Mitts
• Fuseworks Kiln Paper
• Fuseworks The Basics Fusible Glass Pack
• Fuseworks Variety Color Fusible Shapes
• Fuseworks Ebony and Ivory Fusible Shapes ( 2 packages)
• Fuseworks Variety Frit
• Fuseworks Wheeled Glass Nippers
• Fireworks Safety Glasses
• Fuseworks Dry Wheel Cutter
• Aleen's Jewelry and Metal Glue
• White glue
• Desired Findings
• Tweezers


All microwave and kiln combinations will have different firing patterns. Be sure to take careful notes and log all fusing times for future use. This project was made using a 1000 WATT microwave; please adjust the firing time accordingly.

1. Place a 2"x2" piece of kiln paper on the kiln base. Arrange 2-3 small pieces of black frit onto the base for each bird you plan to make.
2. Fuse for 3 minutes on high. Fire in additional increments of 30 seconds until the frit looks like little beads. Allow cooling for 30 minutes before continuing to Step 6.
3. Wearing safety glasses, score and break a sheet of white glass into 1/2" pieces. Nip each piece to shape into circles. To do this, nip each corner forming an octogon, then nip a bit off from each of the new corners. Place a dab of white glue between the 1/2" circle and the 1" circle to form the main body.
4. Next, nip the Variety Color circle into halves. Nip each piece into the desired shape, we shaped each bird's wings a little different to add character. Using a small amount of glue, adhere the wings to each bird. Use the scraps of frit to make hair, use a small amount of glue to adhere hair to the top of each bird's head.
5. Using an orange of yellow round, nip small triangular pieces or choose large frit to use as a beak and feet. Glue the beak, centered between the head and body and glue the feet to the bottom edge of the glass.
6. Once the black frit has cooled, clean off the kiln paper and pair the eyes by size and adhere to each bird above the beak using just a dab of glue. Allow birds to dry overnight.
7. Cut a piece of 2"x2" kiln paper, remove the lid from the Fuseworks Kiln. Place the kiln paper on the kiln base, Place a bird on the kiln paper.
8. Fuse for 2 minutes at 70% power followed by 1 minute at full power. Fuse in increments of 30 seconds until you reach a tack fuse. The kiln should be glowing and you should still see the definition of the bird's features.
9. Allow kiln to cool at least 30 minutes before fusing each additional bird.
10. Once glass has cooled, rinse with water to remove and kiln paper residue from the back. Dry and following manufacturer's instructions, affix a bail, pinback or magnet to the back of each bird.


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