No Nip Mosaic Heart Table Project Guide


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• Use Stained Glass Chips and Bright Bits and Pieces to create an easy, no-nip mosaic table


Project Tips:
• Never dispose of grout directly down a drain
• If grouting without latex gloves, pour vinegar over hands to restore skin PH

Materials Checklist
• 1 - Mosaic Stained Glass Bright Mix (SKU#MS340)
• 2 - Jennifer's Mosaics Stained Glass Chips White (SKU#351J)
• 2 - Jennifer's Mosaics Stained Glass Chips Black  (SKU#362J)
• Jennifer's Mosaics Heart Table Topper and legs (SKU#660 and 670)
• Jennifer's Mosaics Gray Sanded Grout (SKU#583)
• Mosaic Adhesive or Clear Silicone
• Mixing bowl and spoon
• Sponge
• Latex gloves
• Paper Towels and Newspaper

1. To protect work area, cover with newspaper.
2. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to remove surface dust or dirt from the table top surface. Place table top on the work surface with the smooth side facing up.
3. Starting at the bottom center, alternate ¾” black and white stained glass tile along the outer edge of the table’s surface. Leaving 1/8” from the edge and between each piece.
4. Next, lift each piece and apply a thin layer of glue to the back. Firmly press each piece back into its place on the surface. Allow glue to dry.
5. Follow steps 3-4 and apply the stained glass chips in alternating colors along the side of the table top, use a thin layer of glue to secure into place. Allow to dry.
6. Arrange the Bright Mix glass pieces within the black and white border. Try to fill the surface with the glass pieces leaving about 1/8” between each piece. Fit them together as you would a jigsaw puzzle.
7. Lift each piece and apply a thin layer of glue to the back. Firmly press each piece back into place and allow drying.
8. Measure grout; follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. Reserve a few tablespoons of grout and set aside. Adding 1 tablespoon of water at a time to remaining grout, mix with a craft stick or plastic spoon until the grout reaches “fudge-like” consistency. If it is too watery, add the reserved dry grout in small amounts until the consistency is correct.
9. Wearing a disposable glove/s spread the grout into the openings around the glass tile and along the outside edges. Wait about 15 minutes for grout
to set.
10. Begin to wipe away the excess grout using a paper towel or sponge, taking care not to pull grout out of tile spaces. It is very important to remove any grout on the tiles surface before it completely dry.
11. Use the soft cloth; buff the tiles to a clean shine. Allow 24 hours for the mosaic piece to dry thoroughly before using your table.



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