Cobblestones Lights Mix

By: Diamond Tech

Item #: MS345



Great for kids!

No nipping required.

Smooth edges and rounded shapes.

Fun assortment of light pink, beige, light blue, yellow and white.

Approximately 3/16" high

Irregular shapes ranging from 1/4" - 3/4"



Create the illusion of depth in your mosaic with Cobblestones! Bright, radiant color lies beneath the 4mm glass surface of crystal clear glass tiles. Smooth edges and rounded shapes make them perfect for all ages. For best results, allow 1/8" space between tiles. Perfect for indoor and outdoor projects.

Create the Celestial Coasters as shown in the additional images, download the project guide.

Contains a mix of 3/16" high irregular shapes in solid and glitter in light pink, beige, light blue, yellow and white ranging in size from 1/4"-3/4".